During his extensive travels, the artist vivdly records the light, weather and space of his changing environments.

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Gaon seascape
Fire at Sea
oil/linen   50x54in
Gaon seascape
Hudson Sunset
oil/linen  46x54in

Fire at Sea
2012  oil/paper  23x29in
Fire at Sea #2
2012  oil/paper  23x29in

Wet Lands Shelter Island
2007  oil/linen  24x36in
oil/linen  20x24in

Vermont Landscape
oil/linen  50x54in

Fire at Sea
oil/linen  68x72in

2008  oil/linen  72x72in

Shelter Island Wet Lands
2002  oil/linen 20x24in
Ein Hod Sunset
2001  oil/linen  20x24in
View from Bear Mountain
1978  oil/linen  60x72in