The city, viewed in various seasons and times of day and night, provides one of the artist's recurring motifs.

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2009  oil/linen  50x54in

2005  oil/linen  36x42in

Brooklyn Bridge
2010  oil/linen  50x54in

Old Hudson River Docks
  1999  oil/linen  62x78in  
Collection Hudson River Museum

Hudson Docks
1988  oil/linen  62x78in 

Maxwell House
1989  oil/linen  56x50in 

Hudson River
oil/linen  46x54in

Manhattan Bridge
1883  oil/linen  50x54in

Hudson River
2012   oil/paper  23x29in

Aerial View
2010  oil/linen  50x54in

Bronx Bridge
1988  oil/linen  62x78in

East River
2010  oil/linen  50x54in

1987  oil/linen  44x50in

Les Miserables
1995  oil/linen  50x72in

New York Subway
2006  oil/linen  40x50in

Coney Island Memories
oil/linen  72x72in

date  oil/panel  10x8in


Coney Island
date  oil/linen  50x60in

Thanksgiving Day Parade
oil/linen 50x54in

Thanksgiving Day Parade
oil/linen 50x54in

Thanksgiving Day Parade
2012   oil/linen 50x54in

Flat Iron Building
2005  oil/linen  11x14in

Times Square
oil/linen  54x50in